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Warranty and FAQ’s

Risk Free Warranty:

Our warranty is simple. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply ship your Digital Fuel Mizer back to us for a replacement or full refund.
Three Years:
How long does our warranty last? Three years from purchase date,

Wasted Fuel:

Acceleration and braking waste fuel. Good drivers already know this, and they drive carefully. But even the best drivers are human.

Super Accuracy:

This system is hundreds of times more accurate than human senses, and it measures acceleration thousands of times per second.

Technology Inside:

The Digital Fuel Mizer uses a state of the art two axis MEMS accelerometer to measure the acceleration rate of your vehicle.

Using proprietary software technology, the system continuously evaluates the situation and alerts the driver instantly as acceleration and braking exceed the thresholds for optimum fuel economy.


The driver is alerted visually, and audibly– so you never take your eyes off the road.

How it works-

1. Easy Mounting– with included mounting strip.

Mounts on ceiling, dash, console, steering column, or any other fixed surface. No wiring, no drilling, no hassle.

2. Switch It On– Self contained long life battery, so there is no wiring required.

3. Look and Listen– You will hear a gentle alert if you begin to accelerate or brake too harshly. If your vehicle is operated inefficiently, you will hear the alert, and see the rising light bar.

4. Let Off– To minimize fuel waste, simply let off of the gas pedal slightly until the alert tone slows and stops. Do the same for braking. Of course, you can still accelerate or brake as much as you need to for safety, but you will be reminded by the Digital Fuel Mizer that your vehicle is operating inefficiently.

Advanced Micro-Technology Inside:


  • Solid State– Advanced electronics for long life and precision.
  • Precision- MEMS accelerometer for accuracy.
  • Sensitivity- Hundreds of times more sensitive than the best driver.
  • Durable– Rugged housing of 6061 aluminum billet.
  • Self Contained- Long life battery, no wiring needed.
  • Easy Installation– Easily attach to dash, ceiling, or console.
  • Driver Safety– Alerts with audible tone and visual light bar.

The Digital Fuel Mizer reduces fuel consumption by providing the driver with an accurate way to monitor acceleration and braking forces.

When the vehicle is operated inefficiently, it alerts the driver with a series of tones that vary in pitch and frequency.

If the driver is accelerating a little too hard, they will hear a gentle alert tone, and see a rising light bar. Hard acceleration will be alerted with a faster tone. Likewise, inefficient braking will be alerted with a lower tone that varies with braking intensity.

Without even looking at the instrument, the driver will recognize fuel wasting driving conditions, and will be able to adjust their driving accordingly.

For all vehicle types: Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid, Heavy Trucks, SUV’s, Delivery Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, Motor Homes


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